Labrador Retriever (Chocolate)

Began Working: 
August 2004

Acquired From: 
Blue Mt. Animal Shelter, La Grande, OR (Owner turn in)

CJ is one of our most experienced dogs -- a world traveler, he has worked on many different species -- including maned wolf (Brazil), bobcat (New Mexico), bats (New Mexico), spider monkeys (Nicaragua). 

Fall/Winter 2010 -- CJ is currently working for his third season with Project Orianne in Georgia on a project identifying a live species -- Eastern Indigo Snakes.  Spring 2010 CJ worked with them on a new application -- locating nests and eggs.

Photo Courtesy of K. DeMatteo
Photo Courtesy of K. DeMatteo
Photo Courtesy of K. DeMatteo
Photo Courtesy of K. DeMatteo
Title of Study: 
The effectiveness of trained dogs to locate Eastern Indigo Snakes (Drymarchon couperi) in their natural habitat.

Objectives of Study:
Project Orianne, Ltd.(ISI) is seeking efficient and cost-effective ways to safely locate and capture eastern indigo snakes in the wild. Toward that goal, specially trained dogs will be tested to determine if they can locate indigo snakes in their natural habitat. Specific objectives of this study are to determine if dogs can be used to detect the presence of eastern indigo snakes in a variety of situations (e.g., above ground vs. inside gopher tortoise burrows).

Investigators with affiliation, address, and telephone numbers:  Dr. Chris L. Jenkins and Dirk J. Stevenson, Project Orianne Ltd.:

Photo Courtesy of H. Smith
With Alice Chung-Macoubrey (Bats - New Mexico)
With Dr. Carol Chambers (Spider Monkeys - Nicaragua

Upper photos:  New Mexico Bat Project, CJ and Alice Chung-Macoubrey

Lower photo:  CJ training with Dr. Carol Chambers before heading to Nicaragua
CJ and Handler Kara Ravenscroft